100% Money back

If you don't get the fans, you get your money back.  It's simple. We want you to have the best experiences with BulkLikes as possible. And we want you to let others know about our service. If we don't deliver, we don't grow. Simple as that.

Fans, not invites

We deliver real registered Facebook fans with active accounts, not just invites.

Fast results

We have a 7-day delivery promise because we know time is money.

100% Real people

We only work with real life human beings.  No dummy accounts.

Starter Package (1000 Facebook Fans)

Economy Package (2000 Facebook Fans)

Advanced Package (3000 Facebook Fans)

Professional Package (5000 Facebook Fans)

Ensure that you use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Whilst Facebook's share price has been languishing well below its IPO price, the important thing to remember is that Facebook is still the number 1 dominant platform in social media. Thus if you don't have Facebook fans or Facebook Likes, you are already on the backfoot when it comes to your competitors.  The beauty of Facebook marketing is that anything quirky or distinguished can often lead to a viral effect.  Dependng on your financial position, you can make any Facebook campaign as big or as small as you want. You can use Facebook ads to make your page grow bigger as seen by this article (http://allfacebook.com/how-we-got-to-40310-facebook-fans-in-4-days_b15100).  However this did require some financial investment and often this may not actually work. If you're wanting to get Facebook fans fast, then you should consider purchasing them where you receive a guaranteed service, especially through Bulklikes.com. We have serviced hundreds of businesses over the past 2 years and given above the line service.  We offer tips on enhancing your Facebook page and often offer discounts for repeat customers. Consider Bulklikes.com today.

What Value is a Facebook Fan?

Closing in on 1 billion users, Facebook is an incredible tool for businesses and organizations that rely on mass numbers to survive.  Musicians and artists are also entities that benefit from the popularity of Facebook.  Thus when a question about the value of a Facebook fan is asked, many need to question and make a judgement especially when Facebook fans can now be purchased. So what is the value of a Facebook fan? Let us know your thoughts.

The Effectiveness of Facebook

For many businesses, the lack of understanding of Facebook as a tool has put them behind the 8-ball with rivals getting the competitive edge. Facebook has revolutionized how products and services are promoted. Along with Twitter, Facebook is the new way for reviews and word-of-mouth to spread. That's the reason why you need to get one of packages of Facebook fans. We will help your organic and viral views increase for you fan page. Contact us today to discuss your needs.